C8 convoy build

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C8 convoy build

Good morning guy! been a while since i built some lights and I wanted to get some input on component selection as i am a little rusty. I have a C8 Convoy with a Cree red XP-E2 led ( that i still really like) and now want to build 3 more C8s with white leds for night tracking. Here is the list of what I have so far but am struggling with finding the right led to fit. Would like to stick with mnt elecs if possible.

3 convoy c8 hosts

3 qlite rev.A 7135*8 3.04 A 17mm driver ( think this is with the 2 7135 chips removed and the flash guppydrv universal selections…can anyone confirm??)

from what i see the led i need needs to be on the 20mm Noctigon MCPCB

Any help on selecting the correct white led setup would be much appreciated!! thanks

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A 17 mm driver board can take up to 4 pc. of AMC7135 regulators per side.
You want more, stack them. So 8 is normal maximum, 4 on each side.
You have not (yet) mentioned the contestants for the white led title.
I won’t go in that rabbit hole, since I am colorblind.

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just a bright white would be fine I just need help selecting one off of mtn electronics

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Yes, any of the 20mm MCPCB on MTN would be good. It depends on what you want. I went with a CREE XP-L HI way back when (Convoy C8 Mod – The WOW Factor ) since I was building a thrower.

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If you have 8*7135 drivers, in my opinion, that would be good enough so you don't need another driver. If you only have 6*7135 drivers, I'd consider one of his FET drivers.  Recently, I had to search for an LED that I'd get the max lumens out of at 2.8A in a light I decided to leave as is except for the LED.  The LH351D produces more lumens say than an XP-L HI, Nichia 219c, etc. and has a high CRI.  This light is a little larger than a C8 and here's a beam shot of mine with a 4000K emitter.

However, if you do buy a FET driver, buy an SST40 in 5000K or 6500K.  I have an SST40 6500K in a C8+.


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