Good US Based eBay Sellers you have dealt with

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Good US Based eBay Sellers you have dealt with

Couldnt Find a thread listing a Concentrated list of good US(primarily) Based Ebay Sellers that you have personally dealt with.

List a couple and What they have to offer that pertains to Budget Lights!

There's Three I have deal with:

MarsInc - Good deals on batteries, No questions asked Replacements for DOA Tenergy's, Super fast (free) shipping in the US.

1111deals - Best price on AA and AAA Eneloops 2nd Gen NiMH's that I could find with the US. (12xAA 2000mah [1500 uses] Eneloops for $28.49 SHipped) Super fast shipping.

YallStore  - Lots of stuff, like "2x Xtar 18700 2600's for 15.99" and cheap 18650 battery holders. They got my order wrong, and shipped the correct order the next day, and let me keep the whole order they messed up on. Super fast free 3 day shipping.

If you get around to posting some you have dealt with, I thank you In advance..

(Disclaimer: I'm only commenting really on the customer service and the Shipping times, and the products I bought are legit...YMMV.)

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Watching this with interest... wish someone good U.S. on greedbay would step up and sell emitters.


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Yallstore is a good USA-based seller for cheap Ultrafire lights and sipik knock-offs. I've purchased from them before but it wasn't flashlight related. I don't recall any negative experiences.


They also have the 5*T6 Sky Ray for under $100 (cheaper than MF) that you can make an offer on. I'm not recommending that light, though. I'm just using it as a reference. Not bad compared to Chinese sites.