Tmart - how is this possible

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Tmart - how is this possible

On March 6 I ordered a few flashlights and batteries from

In their listings they mention if the item will ship from the U.S.  When I ordered I was

able to choose the flashlights and batteries that would ship from the U.S.  I got them 6 days later! FANTASTIC.  Also in the order was a zoomie flashlight and an LED dome light for my car, but they would ship from China, no problem because I wasn't too hot for them anyway.  Yesterday, March 21 I got a notice of registered mail from Hong Kong.  I

knew what it was, the rest of my order.  Went to the Post Office to pick it up  and got this


it was only the the dome light. I am not concerned about not getting the flashlight, I know I can trust them.  What I can't understand is why would the send the dome light (it cost $1.08 and free shipping) Air Mail.  Am I wrong or are those stamps not $13 + $3 + $.10?

Did they spend $16.10 American to air mail a $1.08 light?

Anyway, I like Tmart, they are able to ship many flashlights from the USA quickly.  Last month my TR-3t6 also came in 5 days

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Those are HK $.

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Whoa.  It's from which industrial center?

On what street?


Wow.  Best address I've seen in a while.

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What JAS said. Easy (but not so precise) way of converting HKD to USD is simply dividing by 8, HK$16.1 is approx. US$2.

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Those chinese guys have awesomly funnlish names.

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Wang Tung tonight!!

Wang Tung St

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Those areas were 100% for factories during 70s' & now 90% of the factories had moved into China. They are using as offices & warehouses now!

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Converts to $2.07 US. Still a lot for a $1.08 order.

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Everybody wang tung tonight...

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Pretty soon it will be dollar for dollar ..they own all of our debt...maybe they want to buy rhode island

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They also get subsidized for there shipping so basically it costs them nothing to flood our market with there products.

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duro wrote:

Everybody wang tung tonight...


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Ho Li Fook !!!

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Boaz wrote:

Pretty soon it will be dollar for dollar ..they own all of our debt...maybe they want to buy rhode island

China sells us pool noodles, plastic hangers and cheap flashlights. We sell them 747s, Semi-conductors and luxury cars. That's why we are still the top manufacturing nation on earth. We can't make cheap labor intensive goods and we don't want to either.