Computer help, please

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Computer help, please

On the come is an office windows 7  computer.

Will need a usb wi-fi adapter unit. Which type to get?


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By FAR the best USB Wi-Fi Adapter I've ever used (and I've used a LOT of them)

The ALFA AWUS036H.  It's only 802.11G rather than 802.11N, but The range and signal strength is superior to anything else you can buy.

If you're at close range with few obstacles, then just get any 802.11N adapter and it will work fine.. Linksys, Dlink, SMC, Buffalo, whatever...



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I use this

also a realtek chipset, similar to the one Pilot posted

works great.  I've tried half a dozen others.


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I would not suggest ebay for an ALFA wifi adapter since there are counterfeits around. or are trustworthy.

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I always purchase D-Link wifi gear; they have always been good hardware without the Linksys prices. I guess this is a desktop PC? Why a USB adaptor? I prefer a good quality PCI adaptor over the little USB cards...

Said this yesterday and I say it again here... Newegg is great! And I don't get referral points for saying that either!

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