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LED Flashlights – General Info

Don’t know where to start? What brand? What battery? What size? What features? Post general LED flashlight reviews, questions, and comments here in this catch-all forum.

Other Types of Lights

Discuss anything about other types of lights in the subcategories of this section.

Flashlight Modding and DIY Parts

Discuss anything about flashlight modding and designing here, including all types of parts and equipment, such as LED drop-ins, drivers, single LEDs, reflectors, switches, etc. Don’t forget that you can filter to find review posts in this category:
And if you create a review don’t forget to tag it with review !

BLF Special Edition Products

Brave users that are willing to head off the development of customized flashlight products specially for the BLF audience can orchestrate the process in this category.

Batteries and Chargers

Discuss everything related to batteries and chargers in the subcategories of this section.

Buy / Sell

Use the subcategories in this section for non-commercial buy / sell transactions or for discussing deals and vendors of flashlight related products.

Commercial Sellers' Spot

Commercial sellers are welcome to post a few flashlight-related product threads in this category. Liaisons can use the
BLF User Negotiated Deals subcategory inside here. All sellers and liaisons must adhere to the same basic BLF rules as everyone else.

Giveaways and Contests

Experience the incredible generosity of the BLF community and create or participate in fun giveaways and contests.

EDC Gear for Flashlight Carriers

There are certain pieces of hardware that go hand in hand with a flashlight. Feel free to post questions and reviews about knives, multi-tools, and other EDC accessories.

Introduce Yourself

New to Want to get to know other users and their peculiarities? This is the place to say “Hi”.

Off-topic Chatter

You’re welcome to chat here about whatever suits your fancy, as long as it follows the BLF Site Rules. Please strictly avoid all controversial and divisive topics such as religion and politics. Keep it civil please!

BLF Site-related Issues

How are we doing? Please post here your comments and questions about the site.