Manker T01 with pics

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Manker T01 with pics

Hi. I just purchased a Manker T01, I’ve learned here in BLF and CPF that the T01 is picky with 14500 batts particularly with sizes.
I found this Fenix 14500 at, would this fit and work well with the Manker T01? is my best bet to source this, but if I have no choice, please recommend which brand or model 14500 is proven with the T01, and where its available.

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Button top Efest purple “ Not sure they ship to Canada.

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I use xtar brand. Keeppower is too long. AWT also fits.

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Yeah my efest flattops fit, awt also and thorfire 14500(good battery Thorfire 14500 Amazon

Oh also Nitecore 14500Imr, olights are garbage, keepower does not fit. Good luck.