[REVIEW] Klarus G20L (XHP70.2 P2, 1x26650) (Pictures, Output, Beamshots, etc.)

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[REVIEW] Klarus G20L (XHP70.2 P2, 1x26650) (Pictures, Output, Beamshots, etc.)
The Klarus G20L is Klarus's new upgraded version of the G20 with a longer throw. The Klarus G20L is powered by a single protected 26650 (included) and also features in-light charging via USB. The Klarus G20L utilizes a domed Cree XHP70.2 P2 in an OP reflector. The G20L provides a throwy yet balanced beam which has a longer throw than it's G20 predecessor due to the different reflector design. Output is advertised as a max of 3000 lumens with a low mode of 15 lumens.
I was provided a copy for review by FlashlightZ.com
Official Product Specifications


  • Equipped with a CREE XHP70.2 P2 LED, delivers max output of 3000 lumens and max beam distance of 300 meters
  • Brand new reflector design - perfect balance between floodlight and spotlight
  • Side Switch and Tail Switch that operate independently
  • Lockout Function
  • Built-In Memory Mode
  • Four brightness levels and two flashing modes:
    • Turbo (3000 lumens) - 45 minute runtime
    • High (650 lumens) - 4 hour 30 minute runtime
    • Medium (160 lumens) - 19 hour runtime
    • Low (15 lumens) - 150 hour runtime
    • Strobe (3000 lumens) - 1 hour 30 minute runtime
    • SOS (160 lumens) - 51 hour runtime
  • Battery power indicator
  • Charging Indicator
  • USB rechargeable
  • Runs on 26650 battery
    • Warning: Don't use 18650, CR123, or 16340 batteries
  • ITS - Intelligent Temperature Protection System
  • Crafted from aerospace grade aluminum alloy with hard anodizing finish
  • Waterproof up to IPX8 standards
  • Impact resistant up to 1 meter
  • Klarus 5 year warranty

Included Accessories:

  • Klarus 26650 lithium-ion battery with 5000 mAh capacity
  • USB charging cable
  • Holster
  • Lanyard
  • Spare o-ring

Packaging and Contents
The Klarus G20L arrived in a very nice retail-quality cardboard box with magnetic closure. The light was cushioned in a flocked plastic insert and the charge cable (USB A to micro-USB A), lanyard, holster and spare O-ring were in a separate cardboard section on the side. The manual was located underneath. In addition to looking very nice and conveying a feeling of quality, the packaging is more than sufficient to protect the light during shipping in addition to the mailer packaging.

1 x Flashlight
1 x Klarus 26650 (protected and pre-installed)
1 x Charging Cable (USB A to micro-USB A)
1 x Spare O-ring
1 x Holster
1 x Manual

Fit and Finish
The Klarus G20L has very nice smooth black low-gloss anodizing. The finish seemed to be of very good quality and the anodizing seemed to be applied well in accordance with this light's price-point. The finish is noticeably higher quality when compared to many lower cost lights which have thinner applications. The light features both a side-switch and a tail-switch. Both switches are electronic. My copy did not have any finish defects.

Size-wise, the Klarus G20L is pretty similar to other 26650 lights. While I wouldn't call it pocketable, it would still fit in a jacket pocket. For larger pockets like cargo shorts it might fit although I would consider it on the large side for that. 26650 lights trade-off size for better battery capacity and heat handling while still being manageable. If I needed to frequently access this light, or going on a long hike, I would use it with the holster to maximize comfort.

Tail switch in addition to the side switch. Both are electronic.

On its head, if the light is accidentally turned on, you would not be able to see the light.

Spring on driver end
Spring on tube end
In this shot, you can tell the glass is AR coated.

User Interface and Modes
The G20L has a very nice design where you can use either the side or tail switch for operation. Personally, I found the interface to be very intuitive. I only needed to consult the manual to confirm how lock-out worked. Otherwise, I had no problem using it straight out of the box. The only difference between the side and tail switches is that the side-switch has mode memory whereas the tail switch will always start on low. I love this UI and the built-in option to use mode memory or not. I also love that when starting the light on low, it starts with a very usable but not overly-bright ~12 lumens.
  • To turn the light ON, press either switch.
    • If turning it on using the tail switch, it will always start in Low mode (no memory).
    • If turning it on using the side switch, it will start at the last used mode (mode memory).
  • To advance modes, press either switch (L -> M -> H -> T)
  • To turn the light OFF, long-press either switch.

Strobe (Hidden via Double-Click):

  • To turn STROBE ON, double-click.
  • To switch strobe modes (STROBE vs SOS), double-click again.
  • To turn STROBE OFF, press switch.

Momentary Turbo (From OFF):

  • Hold either switch when off to immediately go into turbo. Release to turn back off.

Electronic Lock-out:

  • Hold both buttons to lock-out the light. Light will flash 3 times to confirm.
  • Triple-click to cancel. Light will flash 3 times to confirm.
The only risk, as always, when using double-click to strobe is the possibility that someone may do this on accident if trying to switch modes quickly. I would recommend changing this to require 3 clicks to make it a little harder to do accidentally.
Output/Power and Runtime

Measurements were done using the provided battery freshly charged and measured in a quasi-integrating sphere. Measurements are taken within 1 hour of charge. The % output was calculated based on the output after 30 seconds after the initial step-down.
This light has similar output to the Klarus G20. The interesting thing about the G20L is that there appears to be a timed step-down right around 15 seconds as I was able to reproduce the step-down consistently. On Turbo, I estimate initial output is around 2400+ lumens. Around 15 seconds, the light steps down to 1500+ at room temperature (72F / 22C ambient). ITS then continues to regulate output.
High was 550+ lumens. Medium was 150+ lumens. Low was ~12 lumens.
There is no "Moon" mode but this is not an issue for me as I like the 10-20 lumen range for the lowest setting. If this light did have a Moon mode, I'd personally recommend having it at 1-2 lumens and I'd also recommend hiding it (personal preference).
Beam Profile
Throwy but balanced. The G20L uses a domed Cree XHP70.2 P2 in a OP reflector. The beam is throwy but still very balanced for general purpose use so that you don't get a "tunnel vision" effect. The hotspot is not heavily defined. The outer beam has defined edges. This light works very well for people seeking a balanced thrower and is best outdoors.

Beamshots, Color Temperature and Tint
The G20L has a cool neutral white of ~5700K as evaluated in Adobe Lightroom. The light appears slightly cool in practice at night. Pictures are calibrated against Lightroom 5500K Daylight.

The G20L comes with an included Klarus branded 26650 battery. The battery is protected from the factory. Due to the dual-spring design, I believe that either a protected or non-protected battery would work if you needed to replace it.
The instructions specifically advise not to attempt using an 18650 or any other battery type.

You can electronically lock-out the light by holding both buttons (triple-click either button to unlock).
It is not possible to physically lock-out the light normally aside from removing the battery completely.
Pro Tip: If you forsee the need to physically lock-out the light such as for longer-term storage, keep the piece of plastic that comes with the light that will cut-off the battery circuit. This will allow you to store the battery in the light while not having to worry about any potential parasitic drain.

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Summary and Conclusion
The G20L is a very solid 26650 light with a quality finish and performs well. This flashlight has temperature regulated output in addition to having built-in charging which makes this a very solid light which can be used by anyone reliably. While the advertised output is optimistic, the flashlight is a solid performer and I have no problems recommending it. The range of output between Low and Turbo is nice and the modes were well spaced IMO (roughly 1% > 10% > 35% > 100%). For my usage, I found the Low of ~12 lumens to be extremely functional.
As a 26650-sized light, this light represents a size balance for those who prefer to have the larger capacity afforded by 26650 batteries or who simply prefer a beefier grip without being oversized. The G20L's larger mass also means better inherent heat handling compared to a more compact light. The G20L will still fit in jacket pockets although on the large size and probably would not be comfortable in any pants or shorts pockets.
The finish is very good and the placement of the buttons is nice. I also found the interface to be very intuitive and didn't need to consult the manual to begin using it with the exception of figuring out lock-out. The ability to always start the light on low by using the rear switch or being able to start with mode memory using the side switch is a nice touch. The momentary turbo is also great for people who like forward-switch functionality.

The beam profile is throwy yet very balanced and is well-suited for general usage. The color temperature is a cool neutral white of 5700K and is very close to the 5500K daylight standard.
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Thanks for the review Tiger.
The G20 was my first XHP70 light. What a piece of crap it was. This doesn’t seem much better lol step down after 15 seconds of under spec’d power.

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I think the output on this is perfectly acceptable and I really like the light. Klarus should just update their marketing to reflect the actual peak output of ~2400+ lumens. Same for the G20. If they were marketed appropriately, I don’t think people would have an issue with it.

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Thanx for review