Are there any flashlights that take 26350 or 26500?

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Are there any flashlights that take 26350 or 26500?

I bought both battery types before I even have a flashlight that can use either of them lol.
On a side note, I also bought 18350 and 18500 without knowing a flashlight that can use them.

My thinking was if there is a battery then there must be a flashlight that can use it.
I found BTU PK26 about a couple weeks after I ordered the 26350.
Kudos to the manufacturer that makes this one of a kind light.
It will be my new favorite EDC.
What I love about it: high lumen output, stubby form factor, takes unusual 26350 battery, relatively large emitter, side switch, champagne color (anything other than black please!).

Now I need to find a light for the 26500 or even another one for the 26350.
The 26500 has the same height as AA/14500.
I am hoping that a flashlight that takes 3xAA should at least fit a 26500 instead.

Just finished charging my 8 × 26350.
After nearly 2 years being sober, my addiction ..err..correction.. hobby.. is coming back with a vengeance.
Not only that I need to re-join Flashaholic Anonymous, I also need to join Batteryholic Anonymous and Chargerholic Anonymous.
I love using those Li-Ion batteries on my flashlights and then charging as many as possible at the same time.

Too many flashlights!!!

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I share your enthusiasm for this scarcely represented form factor of 26350 cell lights.


I very recently discovered the Haikelite SC26 "Fatty" prototype sold and group buy coordinated by BLF's own Terry White. Seems like a great light for EDC. With XP-L HI and a nice Narsil-like ramping UI, its an exciting prospect for $35USD...


Many eons ago (over a decade) I was a flashaholic obsessed  with the large number of high quality custom RCR123 lights. Their appx. 700maH capacity allowed high performance  with decent runtimes for the Luxeons LEDs of the era.  Back then I was also a huge fan of the then-under-represented 18650 cell lights, which now comprise the overwhelming majority of performance lights today.


While there are 18350 lights aplenty, the 2000maH capacity of the 26350 cells make for an alluring runtime/capacity advantage over their narrower bretheren. 


I'm only familiar with the Jaxman Z1 zoomie (using 2 in series) and the upcoming Haikelite SC26 that exploit these unique cells.


Its really exciting to find an unusual form factor that offers capacity advantages. I wish it would become more popularly known.


Kudos xlotus for your enthusiasm!

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I don’t think xlotus is around anymore.

But on the topic of lights that use 26350, just take any light that uses a 26650 and swap in a bigger xhp50 or 70. Add a new driver, and bam, you gotta a powerhouse.

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I’m very happy how short the 26350 form factor is.
Finding travel box I like for the 26.2 mm dia, 35.2 mm long battery has been problematic.
I’ve had a SC26 for about 6 months.
I love how short it is, been solid for me.
It’s also got room for 6 – 1.5mm x 6mm tritium vials.
FiTorch P25 is the only other light I have found that uses a 26350.
Hope someone knows of another.