Review of Lumintop ODF30, XHP70.2, power supply 26650

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Review of Lumintop ODF30, XHP70.2, power supply 26650

My name is Eryk. I am writing reviews in Polish.
Reviews I translate – google translator.

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The flashlight for testing has provided –
With the code – CFNKL, the price is lower by 25%.

Flashlights from Lumintop are always small works of art, and it is no different in this case. Classic design, with a button placed under the thumb, matt anodization and a beautiful design, which the producer is famous for.

On the font’s note, we only find the manufacturer’s stamp and information about what is inside. The back of the package basically covers all the most important technical information

In the middle except the lamp itself we can also find:
- a brilliant leash on the wrist (I love it),
- holster
- spare o-rings,
- paperology
The whole is enclosed in an ecological packaging

Matt, black anodisation, black button and metal ring around the button and reflector – hmmm, beautiful; )

From the top, classically, a metal ring, under it a red oring, fast with coatings, OP reflector and diode XHP70.2 (unfortunately it is not perfectly centered)

Under the ring of the relfector we will find a large logo and the name of the manufacturer. In my opinion, the logo itself is doing a great job; )

Below is a massive ribbing, whose task is to dissipate a lot of heat, and in the highest mode the flashlight can warm up really fast

Rubber button (probably silicone), very pleasant to touch, each press ends with a characteristic and audible click, there is no question of any inaccuracy

The middle tube is permanently mounted

Flat cap, allows you to place the flashlight steady in a standing position. In this place there is an element for assembling the leash

The biggest disadvantage and also the big advantage of this flashlight is the cap. On the one hand, well-made, flat, on the other hand, there was no sprays in it … which unfortunately does not allow using 26650 or 18650 cells (emergency), without protection. Unwired 26650 cells are simply too short to function normally in this flashlight.
The solution is: place a coin under -, braze the brass discs to the plus, use cells with protection or bail the spring in the cap.

Threads well made, but completely dry at the factory

The most important part of the flashlight (and not only), or the controller
The control is very simple and intuitive:
- one click turns on the flashlight
- single clicks change modes in the loop – from low to high (ie 150-1800lm)
- We activate TURBO with a double fast click
- Eco mode (8lm) is activated by holding the button on the switched off flashlight until it is switched on
Of the most important functions, that’s basically just that.

Stroboscopic mode is hidden, you must activate it in Eco mode and press the button twice (do it quickly).

Protection against too low charge of the cell – the button will start flashing in red reminding you to charge or replace the cell.

Protection against accidental switching on – hold the button for 3-4 seconds until it starts to flash. From now on pressing the button the flashlight will turn on as long as you keep the button. In order to deactivate the lock, we must loosen the cap for a moment (there is no other way to disable the lock)

The manufacturer promises 1800lm in High and 3500lm in TURBO (for 3 min). ODF30 has a temperature sensor, testing the flashlight without cooling, after 3 minutes broke the brightness to about 1800lm, and a moment later reduced it even more so that it does not exceed 55 ° C. While maintaining adequate cooling, the graph looks better than good Smiley

And a small photo session among Nitecore EC4, Rofis MR70

Field shots, camera settings ISO-200, f / 2, 1s, white balance – Fluorescent H
Lumintop ODF30 – low mode

Lumintop ODF30 – medium mode

Lumintop ODF30 – high mode

Lumintop ODF30 – TURBO mode

Rofis MR70 – TURBO mode

Fenix UC52 – TURBO mode

Lumintop ODF30 – high mode

Lumintop ODF30 – TURBO mode

Rofis MR70 – TURBO mode

Fenix UC52 – TURBO mode

A few words of summary:
Lumintop once again showed that their flashlights, apart from a great performance, offer something more, I mean a beautiful, classic look with a touch of modernity. Under this small casing, he hides electronics with a very intuitive control that will stabilize for almost 1800lm without any major problems.
No USB port – better protection of the flashlight against water at the expense of something …
The biggest drawback is undoubtedly the lack of a spring in the cap, and if this is a problem that each of us can solve, then such a move by Lumintop is at least strange.

At the price of about 50USD, I think that this is an interesting proposition of a small flashlight with high power, powered by link 26650.

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Thanks for the test!

You accidentally saved the images as 8bit gifs and they look pretty bad.