UltraFire U4-MCU?

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UltraFire U4-MCU?








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flashination wrote:

I own this light,


The U4-MCU  as it stands now throws well but lacks intensity, very little spill.

The module  I ordered from intl-outdoor  didn't fit in the MCU's reflector.

I bought this module cause my order from LCK-LED never arrived [ per a members suggestions, they [LCK-LED] have since sent a replacement order, but still waiting],


Can you tell me which reflector to buy. Would like to purchase both SMO & LOP?

But I'm open to other users past experience?




I ordered the C8 pill from LCKLED and got a P-60 pill. I sent them an e-mail I got no response, but they sent me another P-60 pill. I started a Paypal dispute and they sent me another P-60 pill. I won the Paypal dispute because they never responded, but I never got my C-8 pill.

I have ordered tons of other stuff from LCKLED without a problem and some extremely fast delivery times (under two weeks), but the C-8 pill has been unavailable to me for some reason.

Sorry I don't know what that had to do with your original post.

I am already visualizing the duct tape over your mouth.