Made my first purchase from Banggood...

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Made my first purchase from Banggood...

Hi everyone,

I just purchased my first flashlight from Banggood while it was in stock (MHVAST TS 70) on March 8th. The product was shipped on March 11, with claims of delivery to the U.S. in 7-15 days. However, Banggood today shows that the estimated delivery date is April 3rd…is this normal? I wrote their customer service but they just told me to wait until April and were not very helpful…

Let me know your thoughts please!

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Yes this is indeed an oddity… but with a reason I think. You first choose shipping method when you order, and generally the more you pay the faster the shipping. After you’ve ordered you can check your order to see that the estimated delivery date is not in concurrence with your chosen shipping method, and it takes much more time.
My guess is that the initial delivery date is based on information from the carrier, and there is let’s say a 90% (just a guess) likeliness that you will receive your parcel as planned within the time frame.
So there is just no 100% certainty customers will receive their goods in time, and Banggood compensates this by stating a much wider time frame; they just don’t want to give people false hope let’s say.
Overall, my experience with Banggood is that definitely the majority of goods arrive in time (first narrow time frame), and I have ordered something like 50 times or so.

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Congrats on your first flashlight. Cool

As far as delivery goes it is a crap shoot any way you look at it, your delivery estimate of April 3rd i consider normal.

I made a large purchase on Dec 10 2018 and one of the items got on one of the boats that went backwards all the way to Canada, so it finally showed up 2 weeks ago and now it quit working, just my luck… Facepalm

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nothing to worry about…they’ll probably be close to whatever date they list.

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7-15 BUSINESS days.

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if u chose free shipping option then its normal, delays can happen etc just wait for it to arrive one day i guess.

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