HaikeLite SC26 XHP35 micro review + MOD

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HaikeLite SC26 XHP35 micro review + MOD

There are plenty reviews of this light, and it’s not new anymore. But i thought I wanted to share my observations on this light anyway Smile

I got this in a GAW here on BLF. Thanks again HaikeLite Love

This is my first XHP35 light, so I was excited to see what kind of performance it could offer.
Given the GAW, I had no idea what type of emitter and color I would get.
I was given a XHP35 HD 5000K. It is also offered in HI versions.
I’m not a fan of the HD emitter. Yes it pumps out ALL THE lumens, but at the cost of horrible tint and rainbow Sick

Damn, thats bad Facepalm

So I ordered a new emitter for it. A XHP35 HI C2 30G 3000K warm white.

It’s a fairly easy mod. The MCPCB is being held down by the aluminum reflector. Unsoldered, and reflowed the new emitter onto it.

Boom, 3000K goodness Love

Ceiling shot, old vs. new emitter.

Underexposed shot at full turbo. I was expecting a way lower output. But I must say it’s only in this comparison pic I can sport a difference. Sure it’s obviously a tiny bit tighter hotspot. But now it has an actually useable beam. Awesome

Yes, I’m that guy, that stores flashlights in a drawer lined with sandpaper. So of course the SC26 had to have the same treatment, and some blue GITD tape. B-e-a-utiful.

Ohh that turbo afterglow Love

One major flaw this light has, is the button. That design is…. different. It’s very flimsy, and comes off very easily. So it’s not recommended for EDC use.
My guess is also, why the light has no IP rating. After giving a light a sandpaper rub, I clean it under running water in the sink. After that, the light had taken in so much water that it wouldn’t turn on. So this light will stay indoors, away from water Tired

It has a ramping UI. The poor mans RampingOS. I mean, it works. but having being spoiled by Narsil/Anduril. It could use some improvements.
The ramping curve is’nt very good. It goes 10-15-20-25-30-35-90-100%. Where other UI’s are more linear and smooth.

In summary, I can’t recommend buying this light. The button design and water ingress is a big dealbreaker.
It’s a pity though, because using it outside, it really is impressive. Given it’s fairly “small” size it performs very well.

EDIT Bonus info: The driver has a very low parasitic drain @ 13uA. With it’s 5000mAh 26650, it would take almost 44 years to drain it Grad

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nice appearance! thnx

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awesome review, thanks.

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I like the way yours looks with the sandpapering.

I’ve also got an SC26 and I like it pretty well. I love the size, the feel and the power it has. It’s a really nice looking design that is unlike other lights out there. I haven’t had any problems with the switch cap coming off. I’ll watch out for that for sure!

Did the water get in around the switch? Most likely since the threads and o-rings on mine are very nice. I guess it’ll stay home and not join me on any camping trips. I always seem to attract rain when I hit the woods!

I don’t mind the fried egg beam that a bunch of XHP emitters have (Mine is an XHP HD). I guess I got used to it and enjoy the lumens. It’s been used a lot around the house and yard. We get a good deal of wildlife in my area with the craziest noises that wake me up in the night every so often. Piliated woodpeckers, fox, opossum, raccoons, deer (and their ticks!) and the occasional coyote roam through. This light has been nice for spotting them.

It seems that Haikelite is falling short on their lights which is why I only have the one. They seem to come up with some cool designs but they fall short in one way or another. Too bad. Hopefully your feedback will help steer them into a new direction. Thanks for posting your pics.

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PBWilson wrote:
Did the water get in around the switch? Most likely since the threads and o-rings on mine are very nice.

That’s my guess, cause as you say, the rest of the light is pretty good and tight with o-rings.