Hello from Brazil

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Hello from Brazil

Hey guys!

My name is Thiago, I live in Brazil and no, I don't do Samba (lol) 

I've been looking for some kind of lighthouse in the middle of this brnds and let me say something....

This forum is f*cking awesome.... much better than that CPL bullshit of brands... I know they showing good stuff, but good stuff can't be cheap??? I mean, if a light have 300 reviws on DX and a medium rate 4 ¹/2 star, thats untrusty? 



By the way, where can I post a request about some lights I've looking for my needs? 



thanks in advance..

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Welcome to BLF, Thiago!

You can post all general flashlight questions in the "LED Flashlights - General Info" forum. 

As for DX, the one thing I always liked about them are their real reviews and the forum threads under each item at the bottom of the page. A lot of what I learned I learned from those DX forums. Generally if a light gets good reviews there it's a good bet it's a pretty decent light. Take what info you get there and research it here and I'm sure you'll find the lights that will make you happy to own. Wink


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Welcome to BLF Thiago

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Welcome to BLF Thiago!

You will like being here, for sure!



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Hi Thiago! Welcome to BLF!!

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Hello and welcome to BLF!

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Hi and welcome to BLF !

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Aloha and welcome to BLF Thiago!

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