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Colonel Light
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I’m looking to buy carefully, this is my shopping-style wishlist. Not sure how long the XM-Ls took to become ubiquitous, but there’s a handful of new LEDs (XHP, Luminus, Samsung) on the scene so waiting might give them time to show up in more torches/flashlights.

*FT-03 XHP50.2 Blue with Stainless Steel ring
*Wildhunt D80v2 XHP50.2
*Skilhunt H03/H04
*Astrolux H01
*A C8 from Sofirn, Convoy or Astrolux
*Sofirn BLF LT

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Nightwatch NSX3, 3 x XHP 50.2, single 21700. I eagerly anticipate the wishing phase to end as soon as the materializing phase initiates.

Rev 22:15

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a 21700 Emisar D4 with USB C and the D4S Lens (he could use the K1 tube and just make a new head)

a 4×21700 monster, over 15.000lm and 1500m

Hugh Johnson
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Zebralight SC64 LE
Sofirn BLF SP10S
BLF charger

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Acebeam K30GT
Noctigon K1
LT1 lantern