Test/review of Vapcell ICR14500 1000mAh (Gold) 2018

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EasyB wrote:
SKV89 wrote:
I doubt they are the same cell. The Vapcell measures higher capacity but noticeably less output in FET lights. So if you are using FET lights, then the Shockli 14500 is better for max output. But for most 14500 lights, there will not be any difference in output and Vapcell has the advantage of more capacity. Both are the best 14500 you can get.

Agreed. Comparing the discharge curves of the shockli and vapcell they are obviously different cells; different shapes and IRs.

I didn't take a look at this until now, and indeed they're different. The Shockli seems to be very overrated, I say this because good battery OEMs do rate their cells consistently and usually stick to the common 0.2C rating standard (Power Long Battery, using a 1C rating standard, is an exception). According to HKJ's test, the newer 14500 Shockli cell is probably a 900 mAh OEM rated cell (versus a 950 mAh OEM rating for the Vapcell).



Looking at HKJ's energy output report charts, the Vapcell 1000mAh is best suited for light loads, up to ≈2 A or so. From there on the Shockli 1000mAh overtakes. For those of you who don't drain your cells much, the load drain rate “turnaround point” could be lower (≈1 A).

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I will buy Vapcell ICR14500 1000mAh from nkon.nl

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svicar1 wrote:
Thanks I will buy Vapcell ICR14500 1000mAh from nkon.nl

Good call.
Good battery
Good seller.

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Good battery but for some reason the official aliexpress vapcell store they can’t send it to Greece

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Get it from nkon instead then.

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What’s your opinion on Keeppower 14500 800mAh, 1100mAh and Orbtronic 14500 1100nAh ?


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Res Bri wrote:

What’s your opinion on Keeppower 14500 800mAh, 1100mAh and Orbtronic 14500 1100nAh ?


Hi Bri, welcome to BLF. You can find HKJ’s tests/comparisions here https://lygte-info.dk/review/batteries2012/CommonSmallcomparator.php