[review + mod] Nicron N1, modest review + LED swap

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[review + mod] Nicron N1, modest review + LED swap

Curiosity led me to this flashlight. Nicron N1 – twisty AAA light.
Sorry for poor pictures and modest text, I’m just a noobie reviewer.

I bought it on my own here
Unfurtunatelly It’s not available any more. I hope they will restock.

The light is nice although I wouldn’t say it’s top quality. It was dusty inside with a little decentered LED at the arrival. Dry threads. But Nicron N1 is very easy to mod, furthermore it seems a LED swap suits this light very well. I made a little swap to the LED from the user rngwn
The light is obviously for close range purposed, it got dimmer after swap but the beam profile, spill, tint and temperature are way better (IMHO).

This is what you get

The driver is integrated with 5mm LED so there is no pill whatsoever. The driver is just push-fitted, you just need to push it out from the LED side.

The driver’s diameter is 12mm

…and the LED’s 5mm.

This is how the driver looks (this is as much as I managed with phone camera) – looks like AMC chip is the source of regulated current.

A moment before replacing the LEDs:

This is comparison to a well known Nichia tint taken @WB=5000K

This is how the beam profile has changed:

And how it looks on white ceiling;

And after:

And one outdoor shot:

Thank you for watching!

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That is a pretty nice 5mm-led host. Those 3400K rngwn leds are very nice for this.

Thanks for the review!

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Nice mod! Definitely an improvement. Big Smile

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Thanks guys LOL

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Thanks for the details on this mod! I wanna offer some lights for kids and been thinking of this, once the Sofirn C01 is no longer available!
Thanks again, good work Wink

BTW, djozz do we have news on the C01 host + driver ?

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I think they re-stocked. You link tells us: out of stock?
But the boys are back in town. I found another LINK to the NICRON official store on AE.

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If you had to guess how many lumens it is, what would you guess the output is after the swap? been considering this light for that same swap.