netprince's black friday deal finds/discussion

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netprince's black friday deal finds/discussion

I am watching for great black friday deals, and I thought it could be interesting to start a thread on the subject.

Please feel free to help out, post about a good deal find and if I agree I will add it to the OP.

To make it to the OP, a deal must:

  • actually be a good deal (compared to other prices online)
  • be in-stock or deliverable in a reasonable amount of time
  • something I would actually buy (not too expensive, not too cheap)


The deals so far:


SBFlashlights 50% off code SB50CLEAR, the ones I like:

Grab bag of gift lights:

Solarforce P1 $17.50

BLF Post


more to come...

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Been looking for some deals, thanks for posting !