SkyRC MC3000 Charger. Post your thoughts. Better than average?

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RobertB wrote:
I’ve had the Opus v2.2 for a few years, and has always served me well, and the fan never bothered me. However, I was always looking for a way to discharge or “store” batteries. I have close to (60) 18650, 350’s, 340’s, 26650’s & 14500’s. Was going to buy the MC3000 because of this function. Then decided to just use 2 Miboxer C4-12’s, and dedicate the Opus to discharge cells for storage. Set the switch on the bottom of the Opus to 3.7v. Discharge the cells, then charge. They stop at 3.67v which is perfect for long term storage.


Well, this is a revelation! All these years and I didn’t know about this. The switch is obscured by the case for me, but easily accessible by removing the 4 screws. Thanks for the tip!

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(Apologies in advance if this is not the correct thread.)

I've wanted to buy an MC3000 for a while, however, it looks like it's never less than ~100 Euros on Amazon.

Ordering from China or the US is a non-starter because of customs.

Is there any place where I can get a good deal on an MC3000 shipping from inside the EU?

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I ordered many times there. Very good service, even in warranty cases. 

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I don’t know where to order a MC3000 within the EU, but I can say that I bought a MC3000 about a year ago, and it’s been operating very well for me. Mine is improved over the first generation.

It took me a while to figure out how to program the charger correctly, because frankly it seemed to me that there are a few details about programming that could be more clearly explained in the instruction manual. However, now that I’ve placed into the charger’s memories six different programs set for my charging needs, it is very simple to call up the needed program and charge my cells. I don’t use all of the charger’s features, but it satisfies my need for precise, safe charging.

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