Acebeam E70 Review

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Acebeam E70 Review

This will be a review for the Acebeam E70. It is an EDC sized flashlight with the XHP70.2 6500K emitter using a single 21700 Li-ion battery. At the time of purchase the only colour temperature available was only 6500K. However, now I see that the 5000k XHP70.2 is now available as an option, which is a great news for flashlight enthusiast. The set I ordered comes with the Acebeam 21700 battery included.

These are some of the advertised specifications by Acebeam.

LED : XHP70.2 LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Moonlight: 1 lumen;  11 days
Low: 50 lumens; 50 hours 
Mid1: 180 lumens; 625cd; 50 meters; 12 hours 45 minutes
Mid2: 650 lumens; 1,600cd; 80 meters; 4 hours 
High: 1,300 lumens; 3,600cd; 120 meters; 1 hour 45 minutes
Turbo: 4,600 lumens; 14,400cd; 240 meters; 1 hours 30 minutes
Strobe: 1,650 lumens; 2 hours 30 minutes

Max. output 4,600 lumens 
Max. beam distance: 240 meters (787feet)
Max. runtime: 11 days
Peak beam intensity: 14,400cd


Pocket-sized, compact flashlight featuring with exquisite appearance and high amount of power
A max output level of as much as 4600 lumens output in an ultra compact size 
Adopts an advanced LED to give great light efficiency
Powered by one 21700 USB battery, equipped with a built-in USB-C port (cable included), it is conveniently rechargeable without the need for a separate charger
21700 battery power source provides long runtimes for extended periods of use
A single 18650 battery is also adoptable (CR123 or RCR123 are NOT compatible)
Digitally regulated output maintains constant brightness
5 Brightness levels and 2 speical modes (Strobe and Moonlight) for various scenarios
Utilize the most sophisticated technology to offer small device that doesn't sacrifice on power
Lockout mode and "double click to turn on" design prevents accidental activation
Smart ITS temperature control system provides stability and optimum performance
All circuitry contact points are gold-plated, providing better conductivity and superior durability
Strobe mode disorients an attacker without excessive force
All-in-one metal tail switch for convenient operation
Tail stand-capable for use as a candle
Ultra clear tempered glass lens with anti-reflective coating
Made of durable high-strength and oxidation-resistance aero grade aluminum
Premium type HAIII hard-anodized anti-abrasive finish
Impact resistance to 1 meter and waterproof to 2 meters submersible
Size: 128.3mm (Length) x 30mm (Head Diameter) x 27mm (Tube Diameter)
Weight: 102g(3.59oz.) w/o battery
Impact resistance to 1 meter
IP68 waterproof (2 meters submersible)




The flashlight comes in a robust hard cardboard box which ensures that the flashlight will arrive unscathed. There are numbrous foam paddings to hold the flashlight and the accessories in place, which I think is a place point compared to some other manufactures which only provides a plastic clam shell type support. Included in the package are the flashlight itself, with a lanyard already attached at the factory. A carrying case to protect the flashlight from scratches when kept in your bag, was also included, which is a nice touch. A USB-A to USB-C flat cable was also provided to charge the included 21700 battery. Two O Rings was also provided packed in a small zip lock bag.

Upon holding the flashlight, there is a premium feel to it, due to the heft and the matt black HAIII hard-anodized coating. Personally I prefer matt anodizing compared to smoother type of anodizing as it provides more grip and has a premium look as well.


The lens comes with a clear film which I presume is to protect the glass lens from any scratches. The flashlight head comes with a Crenelated Bezel insert that screws on to the bezel, like the surefires and solarforce type of lights. The Bezel insert seems to be made up of steel instead of aluminium which should survive drops and impacts better before looking all battered up.


Removing the flashlight head, we can see that it is transported with a protective white plastic that serves to insulate the positive end of the battery. The body of the flashlight is made up of two separate cylindrical pieces which I presumed can be removed by dismantling the tail switch.


A close up look of the undersize of the flashlight head, it comes with a small and stiff positive spring in the centre with two leaf type spring on the edge, which I am not sure of the purpose. I presume that its some form of extra signal path for the electronic tail cap to communicate with the head. Correct me if I am wrong. Overall the treads came generously lubed which ensure a smooth feel during tightening and loosening of the tailcap.


From left: Eagletac D25A, Zebralight SC62W, SOfirn IF25A, Acebeam E70, KDlitker E6, Solarforce L2m, Lumintop GTmini, Convoy C8+, Astrolux MF01s and Haikelite Mt07s

A quick comparison of the physical dimension of the flashlight vs some others in my collection



Here is a close up of the electronic switch with Acebeam advertised as stainless steel. It appears to have some PVD type of coating which looks and feel like  coating the screw on bezel and pocket clip.


Some close up shot of the flashlight for your enjoyment.


A close up look of the XHP 70.2 LED. Its massive when compared to the size of the flashlight reflector. For my unit, the LED is perfectly centred in the middle of the Orange Peel Reflector. The glass lens also appears to have some form of AR coating which help reduce transmission loss.

The included Acebeam 21700, is much taller than a Sofirn 21700 cell. The extra height is needed to house the USB C port on the battery and the charging electronics. Personally, I prefer to charge using an external Li-ion charge as its faster. A better implementation would be to integrate the charger circuitry and USB-C ports on the flashlight itself as Acebeam implementation require you to unscrew the flashlight and remove the battery to charge. There is a small LED on the top of the cells that shows RED when its charging and GREEN when charging is complete. Since this 21700 is much longer than traditional li-ion cells, it may too lengthy to fit properly in other flashlights. I have tried using a normal 21700 in the Acebeam E70, when you give it a hard shake you could hear some rattling going on due to the short spring in the E70. However, I have observed no loss of light output during vigorously shaking of the flashlight while using a standard length 21700.



  1. Moonlight : Long Press from OFF

Low mod is advertised as 1 lumens which is plenty bright as a bedside light.


  1. Low-> Mid1 -> Mid2->High : Double click from OFF (Mode memory)

The flashlight remembers the last mode when switched off. There is no way to disable mode memory. Double click to enter last memory mode from OFF.

  1. Turbo -> Double Click from ON

Turbo click can be activated from any mode with a double click except when flashlight is in LOCKED or OFF state.

  1. Lock -> Press and hold the switch for 5 seconds
  1. Unlock-> Hold the switch for 3 seconds from LOCKED mode
  1. Strobe -> Triple click from OFF

Strobe mode is well hidden to prevent accidental usage and can be easily activated from any mood except when flashlight is in LOCKED state.


Using my DIY lumens integrating milk carton, I did a simple measurement of the light output  during turbo mode and for out that the light steps down rapidly after about 20 seconds till it reaches a relative output of around 30%. Using a standing fan, i tried to actively cooled the flashlight but have noticed similar step down pattern, which led me to believe that the Turbo function is using a timed step down instead of temperature regulation. Once the light output steps down, it would not automatically increase the output even when the flashlight has cooled down significantly.


Beam Profile


Left to right, Convoy C8+ with 5000k XML2, Acebeam E70 6500K. Sofirn IF25A adjustable colour temperature.

This flashlight is all about flood which is optimal for my daily close-up work without being too strenuous on the eyes. You can see how big the hotspot of the E70 is, compared to the IF25A which I consider a relatively floody TIR optics based light. There is the typical XHP 70.2 greenish corona which is obvious indoor but not apparent outdoors.




  • Compact
  • Premium feel and texture
  • Floody light  (Advantage for me as I perform regular close up work)
  • Unique styling


  • Turbo seems to be timed step down instead of temperature regulated.
  • Cut outs at the body seems to be a dirt magnet and cleaning may require a full disassembly.


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Thanks for the lengthy reviews!

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I like the light, but not the price.

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weird with timed stepdown… but its expected for such compact host. they should be honest about stepdowns like olight are.

they should have set the turbo to like 3000 lumens instead and u would get maybe 1 min turbo before stepdown.. difference between 3000 lumens and 4600 isnt that big really… but i guess higher lumens means more sales…

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Does anyone know if the blue aluminum innersleeve is able to be taken out easily? Was wondering if it could as to be able to custom anodize it.