Lumintop GT Mini/Micro NM1 - current readings ??

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Lumintop GT Mini/Micro NM1 - current readings ??

Does this make sense???…….

I have both mini and micro in Osram CSLNM1.TG, and took them out the other night to do an informal throw comparison. For reasons that escaped me, the micro (Lumintop 14500 “High drain” cell) actually seemed not only brighter, but more intense in throw than the mini (18650 Samsung 30Q). Both cells were fully charged. Today I pulled out the DMM and measured current draw on turbo for both (same cells as described). The micro drew 2.600 Amps, while mini was only pulling 1.878 Amps (???)!!

I’m kinda stumped here, and a little disappointed the mini doesn’t appear (to the nekkid eye) to be giving the increase in performance over the micro I would have expected (seemingly worse even). Any ideas why this would be the case?

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I’m interested too, bc I’m considering buying one of them

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That is weird. Matt Smith does a comparison with the mini and micro on youtube, and the mini seem brighter than the micro.

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I just got a GT Mini NM1 the other day.

Doing current measurement, it appears that by default, the ramp ceiling level uses around 2.4A, while Turbo uses around 2.8A max, which explains why there’s very little difference from Ramp Ceiling to Turbo mode.

(strangely, the manual included for the GT Mini NM1 indicates that GT Mini (CSLNM1) is up to 3.8A <= I only got 2.8 Amps max, so brightness is not that bright (compared to Convoy C8+ Osram NM1 which I measure to be around 4.4 Amps) GT Mini (XPL-Hi) is up to 4.5A GT Mini Pro (XHP50.2) is up to 9A

Other notes: – GT Mini NM1 uses Anduril 1, it has factory reset function, and also does 15-clicks Anduril version check… BUT this appears to be a modified Anduril, since the version check blinks out a bogus date-code.. (version blinks out 1969-07-02).

Video below shows the Anduril version check date code result for the GT Mini NM1

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The output could be limited in the FW. It would be a bear to do, but maybe reflash with a stock version and see if it changes?

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