Catacombs exploration

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We were in Paris several years ago for a family vacation, but unfortunately we didn’t have time to visit the catacombs. It was on the list, but there were too many other things that we did instead.

For me, I would bring a high CRI and a bright triple EDC. The high CRI EDC to examine all the cool stuff and the bright EDC just in case the high CRI ran out of battery.

I’d rather use my flashlight around the house than turn on the lights.

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dealgrabber2002 wrote:
beam0 wrote:
What a coincidence! Just yesterday I did a web search for catacombs (non flashlight reason) and one of the photos that came up had a brightly lit circle of pure white light… I immediately thought that’s a hot rod light! Then began thinking of what light I would use in there myself, now today I find this thread!

Something to think about for all flashaholics! Is this for lights we already own?
I’ve also recently been considering a tour of a 1.25 mile long abandoned highway tunnel, so I’ve already been thinking about this lately…

Here are the best 2 lights I have for this (Handheld & Headlamp) :

1. Q8
2. Thrunite TH30

If the Q8 were too cumbersome I’d take my Thrunite TC20 instead (or for a 3rd)
I also have on order a Manker MC13 90.2 Limited Edition I would consider taking.

You going?!

Yes… the1.25 mile long abandoned highway tunnel not the Catacombs! Sorry if my post may have sounded like I was planning to tour the Catacombs, but if you read further I talk about the highway tunnel (I edited and put that in bold now too!)

I plan to take my son on this adventure (He’s 14) but I most likely will wait until next summer, it’s suppose to be best when there’s a lot of overgrown vegetation alongside of the abandoned highway.

Now I have the Manker MC13 90.2, which is so small I surely would take it for back up. I’m also looking at getting an Imalent MS303 or R30C, either of those will be good for this, or the Catacombs!!


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Forsythe P. Jones wrote:
I kind of don’t get this, the catacombs aren’t remote and unexplored caves, they’re basically a tourist attraction now. They have daily visit schedules, stopped temporarily for Covid but now going again, as long as you wear a mask. If you get in trouble, your cell phone might even work.

So: headlamp, backup headlamp, D4v2 in my pocket because why not, and a Photon Freedom on a neck lanyard under my shirt just in case. Plus my phone has a built-in light. Seems like enough.

That’s just the publicly accessible bit. I think the OP is referring to exploring the other 99% of the catacombs.
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