WTT/WTB - Quark AA body

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WTT/WTB - Quark AA body

I want to trade my 2AA quark body (and holster) for a single AA quark body (and hopefully holster).

I was about to buy a body off the 4sevens site, but thought I would ask here first.

If anyone has a single AA body they want to trade or sell let me know!


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I think everyone does. At least that’s what I get to see around here and CPF. Funny thing is I’ve NEVER seen the single AA tube for sale but trades and offers vice versa, tons of them. I’m included btw. and wait since 2 months for a good deal. Gotta be patient!

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i use my 1xAA-body all the time. the anodization on it is thinnish, no comparison to Klarus or Jetbeam. mine looks scratched up already.


dont forget the CPF discount codes when you buy such stuff.

good U.S. street prices at environmentalled.com

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