Jaxman E2 Rechargeable

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Jaxman E2 Rechargeable

Has anyone else caught the rechargeable Jaxman E2? Looks like the USB is concealed in the threads. Probably adds a minor amount of length. The high-CRI LED options are likely 219C, but I am interested in the host. Should be driver-swappable and easily modded, with a good charging design for waterproofing (and for not losing/breaking those darn rubber flaps!).

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The link doesn’t work for me

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Yeah, I saw that. I carried an E2L for a long time before Convoy had a decent selection of high-CRI lights. Looks pretty nice to me. Slightly pricey for what you get, maybe. But if it’s as moderately driven as my old E2L, it could be a nearly ideal muggle light. Simple UI, not terribly dangerous, built-in charging, and Jaxman quality (hopefully).