WTB Nitecore D10 and EX10

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WTB Nitecore D10 and EX10

I’m still looking for a few D10’s maybe an EX10 to replace those stolen by CerealKiller. I can use most any working condition as I need back up light engines for the Hanko’s I have.
I’m trying to get these soon for my wife, who is going to keep some of the collection. I may not have long so a lot of lights will be going up for sale as soon as I unpack them. A collection of Xeno lights in particular.

Anyway – anyone willing to part with any?

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Hang in there and sorry about the diagnosis. Maybe if cereal killer reads this he’ll see the light. I’ll keep an eye out for you…

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 I have both and was just thinking of putting a few D-10's up for sale ...

Pm sent 

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