Best price/source for 14500 batteries

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Best price/source for 14500 batteries

I’ve got 18650s, but all my AA lights have been running eneloops. Time to play with some 14500s me thinks. Any deals going on for those right now?

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Our new friends Fasttech have a wide selection. I’ve some Trustfire flames, but the Nitecore might be OK, though I haven’t seen any reviews.

Efest also have IMR 14500’s reviewed by HKJ here (v1) or here (v2)

Unfortunately there seems to be no outstandingly good and consistent 14500 cells, as far as I can see (not like 18650, where Sanyo or Panasonic are seen as very good manufacturers).

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I’ve heard the nitecore are good. When it comes to 14500 and 16340 I only use AW.

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I only have four of them but no problems yet after a few years. I don’t put much stress on them but they seem to be good.

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From my experience there are no outstanding 14500s or 10440s yet. Just make sure you are getting LiOn and not LiPo cells. LiPo cells will be cheaper but tend to have a max charge of 3.2v.