Cheap, nice quality bike light

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Cheap, nice quality bike light

Focusing on XP-G or XM-L seems sensible.

Wondering if there is anything better than:

L2r with XP-G R5 $22:

Bike mount $3:


In total $25 which is really cheap with the recent bash on the USD.

And I guess not much can bypass the quality of Solarforce at this pricetag.


Switch to 18650 definitely possible if recommended... maybe XM-L? But a bit too expensive.

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The bike mount is cheaper at DX , but delivery's from DX are not always very fast...

One 18650 battery does not have enough capacity to run an XML-led at 820 lumen for 2,5 hour, even the best 18650 will last for less than one hour.

Be carefull with high-power lights with a drop in module, because most of them do not have a good thermal contact between the drop in and the flashlight body. If you want to use it on your bike on High mode, it is possible that the led will overheat (i had the same problem with a XPG-R5 drop in flashlight, the led just fell off the star).

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High and low beam lights with controls and battery pack.


If you just want either the spot or flood, they are avaliable individually at the bottom.

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the lumens may not up to the standard you want it to be. and the site there says: While using 16340 such kinds of rechargeable lithium battery, you should avoid over-charge and over-discharge.


If you are a budgeter, try this one, because it carries with the bike count if you think so.

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