Hello from a MTB'er

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Hello from a MTB'er

Hi ya,

Been a budget light user (torch not forum) for a number of years, and need some help in maintaining some of mine and my friends units, and was pointed here. Hope you can help!

I started off with a £40 MCE P7 torch (inc batteries and charger), which I used to replace a very unreliable £500 lupine HID unit, and have not looked back since. Latest buy being a Solarstorm x2, which is again just nuts for the money.



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Great to have you aboard Z1ppy.  Welcome to the forum. Smile

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Welcome to BLF!


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Welcome to BLF! You'll love being here! Smile



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did similar, switched from a light & motion hid to led flashlights a while ago. no cords, more options, less weight.

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Former MTBer myself.

Still have my Ventana Marble Peak FS…but in great need of repair/maintenance.

Howdy and welcome!

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Welcome aboard from another biker that has seen the light. Big Smile
Used to have bike specific lights, then realized that torches(flashlights)
are brighter and better value.



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and welcome from yet another biker (this one from the Balkans)

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Thanks for joining the gang, z1ppy!


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Welcome to the forum, Z1ppy. You’ve made the right decision to join BLF.

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cheers for the welcome Smile

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Hey Z1ppy.

Get ready to make your neighbors even madder!

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Hey Z1ppy! Welcom aboard and enjoy your staying here.

I’m also a fellow MTB’er and ride nights. But am not really a fan of flashlights on my bars or helmet, neither am a fan of cheap and unreliable chinese bike lights, so i make my lights myself.

This is a tripple XT-E 4500K light with maxflex6 and 2S2P 18650 setup built for the bars:

and mounted:

On the track:

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Sorry been off ill…

Toaster79 I admire your electronic skills (and anyone who self builds) immensely, but am a huge fan of those chinese lights.
I understand there hugely subsidised and some would suggest they harm the major brands, but I only see the major brands seemingly charging far too much for there products. I’ve been using chinese flash lights and ‘bicycle’ lights since 2008 and not suffered any major failures (house has yet to go up in flames), & I still use those same early flash lights and even the batteries today (though ‘as’ torches and backup units).
Those cheap light have enabled ppl like myself with no knowledge of electronics or a huge wallet, to ride off-road during the night… when time is tight to ride due to loosing the ‘natural’ light from late August until late May, these cheap and cheerful options have been life savers.
Don’t get me wrong, I don’t believe that the chinese lights offer the quality or output (power and beam quality) that a major manufacturer or even home expert can bring to the table. That doesn’t mean they should be offhandedly rejected as unworthy, as many do.