FastTech ships blazingly fast..............................

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Multi carrier service with USPS is known to have issues like that.  It never got turned around.  "Origin post preparing shipment" can only be Hong Kong.

The low mode should be lower.

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It's been 34 days since I ordered, and part of my order is still not delivered.  Apparently chinese customs decided to hold on to it.

The first part of the order also took over three weeks, and was missing two items.  Granted it was a larger order (at least for me) but still, compared to smaller orders that I placed before, or since, that one has been a disappointment.

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Fasttech has become Slowtech

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I got my package in 2 weeks. But that was 3 weeks ago.

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 it's now 45 days since they shipped my stuff and still nothing. I opened a paypal dispute against them

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