14500 or 14650 Minimag Mod giveaway, closed. Winner announced

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14500 or 14650 Minimag Mod giveaway, closed. Winner announced

Plain Jane version Below is my edc/pocketable work light. I made two drop ins for it, an XML U2 1D and a triple Nichia both very useable at 2.2A. As with the black, the silver holds up very well to normal use unlike the colored ones which tend to show wear very quickly. Keep this in mind when choosing if your thinking of this for an edc. The triple is bright and floody with nice color rendering while the 1D XML has a tighter and whiter beam. To get even more throw, I’d suggest one of the xp-g2 tints or a Nichia as a single led on a Sinkpad at 2+amps. For maximum throw go for the aspheric realizing that small lights even when well focused cannot match larger hosts.

Pre holiday, semi custom, you pick the led(s), oops I missed the 2k post giveaway.

Open to anyone I can ship to.

You pick the color(black, pewter, silver, red, blue, green, purple, ADDED pink one didn’t remember I had).

You pick the length(cut down for 14500 or 14650).

You pick the led (I have XML U2 1A, 1D , T6 3D, U3 1C on sinkpad copper and XP-G2 R5 1D, 3D and Nichia 219 in single or triple pcb).

105c driver or IS 101 AK 1.4A driver with your choice of current out put (1-10 chips 380 or 350 mA bin).

TIR optics in either 10^ for XML or spot or diffuse triple for xpg/Nichia.

ADDED with the depth added by the fins I think an aspheric mod might be an option also. Not sure what it’d be good for but some people like ‘em. That could be done with either xp-g2 R5 1D on Sinkpad or an old xre R2 direct soldered to copper pill.

The head will be bored out and cut to receive an all copper fins/copper pill or mixed copper pill w/ Alu fins heat sink similar to the one I made for DBCstm.

At this time I cannot guarantee shipping with a lithium cell and rather than have the light confiscated I’d rather not make that promise so I’ll leave that choice to the winner.

Random.org will pick the winner by post number open to anyone registered on or before 11/24/13.

Feel free to post whatever tickles your funny bone in your entry(one post per person please).

I reserve the right to add to or delete from any of the options above at any time. Silly

Edit – contest closes at midnight pdt(west coast,US) Nov 30. Good luck

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“Those that use a ray gun will end up going to prism”. That should be a winner.

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What a great giveaway…count me in please!

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That is one sweet prize..I would like to be in this one please and thank you.

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Happy turkey day/week! + count me in please :bigsmile:

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this is probably the best giveaway I've seen. 

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I really hope that you will pick me Smile
triple nichia 14500 mag with your magic is one of my dream lights Wink

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I’m a junky, I mod lights so I can sell lights so I can buy more light to mod so I can sell lights to buy more lights to mod.

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im in, thank you very much!


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Custom mod :bigsmile: Beer
In please.

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Awesome giveaway I’m in

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I’m in!

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Add me to the list. Thanks!

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Great deal!


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count me in , ty

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Not exaclty sure what this will be, but what I understand, sounds awesome. Im in ^^

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I am in , Mr. Rufusbduck

Though I seldom have very much luck

And should someone else win

I'll just sit here and grin

While pretending to not give a     damn

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Sounds great, thanks.

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Thanks for the giveaway, Rufusbduck.   Smile

I'm in!


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Awesome, I’m in! Will we also get to see the process of the build once the winner chooses the specifications?

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Thanks RBD! Count me in!

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Thanks Rufusduck, I’m in, cool giveaway.

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Are You?


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Ooooh! In!

Now let’s keep this quiet so it falls off the recently updated list. Nothing to see here, folks, move along…

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Red line of death………..eliminated Big Smile

EDIT: That would be a PS4 being blown apart by a .50 Cal Sniper……Only good use for them is to be blown apart or used as a decoration in your house. They have had WAYYYYYYY too many problems. All the PS4s sold from the best buy by me (minus ~10, i think the manager said), the controller wont charge. Luckily they didn’t get the “bricked” PS4s but they are still horrible for being a next gen console.

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