shipping time with Singpost from FT?

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shipping time with Singpost from FT?

i ordered a couple things on the 23rd and was shipped with usps first class with DC via singpost, then another order on the 25th with the same shipping method, both of the tracking provided have no updates at all, is this normal? how long do did you received your package via singpost? man i’m getting annoyed with Fasttech

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Ordered on 23rd, on site says shipped 25th, when following tracking link it says shipment was posted to overseas on 3 Dec… Not sure how long it will take to get here…

A few months ago my stuff would take about 3 weeks to arrive from original order date…

i don’t think this latest order will arrive in 3 weeks….

Real pity about the li ion battery shipping now as well…

Prices are still pretty good though…

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