Police brand lights.

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Police brand lights.

A couple of years ago my first 18650 light was one of these.

I noticed that it had a different LED fitted to what was advertised and was given a refund.
A few weeks later another one arrived so I got 2 lights plus the refund.
I knew nothing about Li-ion batteries other than they were a lot more powerful than the ordinary AA cells. I like to know about stuff that I’m using so I read a few websites and learnt by other peoples mistakes. In a very short time I realised that what #i had were a pair of potential pipe bombs, I stopped using them immediately and chucked the charger that plugged into the light to charge the battery as well as the car charger, the batteries unfortunately I recycled, I should have kept them and dismantled them to see what horrors there were inside.

These are still available on Amazon, Clicky clicky.

If you use the pull down menu on this page there is another (the XML-T6) being sold with the same battery.

How low do you have to go to fake UltraFire wrappers and what the hell was inside them?

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i noticed too one came with a US type plug, and the other a Europe type plug ?

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