Minimum lumens to impare an intruder?

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My TK61vn,,,,,,has about 1700 lumens but the PBI is 622Kcd!!!

Guaranteed that “Hot Spot” will blind anyone or anything,,,,,,,,,,,,,not always about the lumens!

Also,my X10vn is about 1000 OTF lumens w/ 95Kcd,,,,that is certainly sufficient enough to blind someone! I accidentally [did not see them] blinded some fisherman along a bank from about 75 yards away w/ that little power booster torch!

There are numerous others as I am sure others could mention as well!

I mentioned my most powerful modded thrower and least powerful one…….least is not a good word! All the ones in between will also do the job!

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Cereal_killer wrote:
lionheart_2281 wrote:
I’ve always wanted someone to come at me when I’m on a night walk with my TK75, the fast strobe on that is insane, then I’d just clock em with it (hopefully wouldn’t damage my baby)

Last July 4th we had an extremely impaired bad guy kick in our front door. Let me tell you from personal experience no you don’t. You absolutely do not want someone coming at you trying to cause you/your family harm no matter how well you think your prepared. To say so is just silly… Even cops don want that. It’s no fun.

As for what I found best in our actual situation (not just guessing/testing on friends family). I had a 700Lm P60 mounted on my carbine and it did almost nothing to slow/stop the BG, what actually did help, and changed my entire outlook was my wife with her hand gun and a nitecore EA4 in strobe, that really made a difference. I’m not going to go into the whole story, its long and honestly I just don’t feel like telling here it but after that night I changed my carbine (an AR) mounted light to one with instant access to high and strobe (at first I was using a quark tactical but I’ve now got a custom programmed driver in a balder SE2- single clicks more than .5sec apart just turn it on and off, a sub .5sec double click enters strobe). It took a long time to get the FW just right (Richard helped) cause the way I’ve always trained momentary operation is very important to how I use my carbine, I don’t want it entering strobe when I’m just trying to turn it on and off quickly. The way it works is almost identical to how streamlight makes their dedicated weapons lights.

Wow man, I’m glad you and your family are okay