Outrageous 6D 128 LED Antique Still Available

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Outrageous 6D 128 LED Antique Still Available

Below is a link to an Amazon sellers offered 128 LED six D cell flashlight for $12.95 + shipping. A Google search showed this as available from a couple of surplus places but the Amazon listing was by far the cheapest due to it having by far the most reasonable shipping cost. I figure that at the price it is something to add to the collection to show what the technology of the early relatively high output LED lights was like. I also have enough NiMH D cell batteries to fill it up as I have Fenix TK 50 and TK60 lights in the collection as well as several D cell Maglites, though no six cell ones.

Amazon also has a couple of sellers offering 128 LED UV versions too but at much higher prices.

I bet that when this was originally introduced it cost a lot more than the current price. We will see just how bad it is when it arrives.


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Heh. Looking forward to the review. But dont drop it or you might brake a foot Smile

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Won’t ship to Canada! Grumble.

But I did find an over priced source up here for the AA version.

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Could be fun, or super tedious, for a uv or ir conversion.

The low mode should be lower.

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$21.00 with shipping though.

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