Xtar WK50 vs SK68 clone

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Xtar WK50 vs SK68 clone

I have a few SK68 clones from ebay/tomtop but want something a bit better (brighter) and I saw the WK50 can be bought for around £12. Is the WK50 much brighter than the SK68 clones running on 1xAA?

It’s listed as 150 lumen, what are the SK68s rated at on 1xaa?

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I have both, and I personally prefer the WK50 (no beamshots, it dieded on me) It is much lighter, has a better beam, and is smaller. Off memory, I think the WK50 is brighter.

Also, it has better heatsinking IMO (although less mass, but it should not be a problem if you are holding it)

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