8x AA/14500 battery pack

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8x AA/14500 battery pack


Free but you pay shipping. USA $3.50 shipping. Rest of world, actual cost of shipping but may not be worth the cost. No batteries included, weight too much.

These are 8x AA/14500 battery packs wired in series now but could be changed to parallel. I can cut off hook from end if you prefer. Packs require removal of one screw to open. Pack #1 will need some wiring, pack #2 has a very short wire to splice, pack #3 has a little longer wire. Pack # 3 is a little dirty but will clean up easily. Think these would be good for a bike light for someone who doesn’t want to mess with lithium ion batteries. Pack #1 top of 1st picture, #2 middle, #3 bottom. Let me know which one you want when posting you want one.

Pack #1

Pack #2

Pack #3

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PM incoming

I’ll take 1 & 2