XM L2 U2- 0 D dies at 5,3 Ampere

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XM L2 U2- 0 D dies at 5,3 Ampere


bad news at the best tint after dedoming.

sma and me do some tests after I kill some Leds …

First thinking was that something wrong with dedoming or reflowing,but…

I want to put in a TN 32.

We made the test with dome on:


The Vf is crazy ,too.

Regards Xandre

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Sorry to hear about your loss. You are now officially a member of this very large club who have lost leds at the same or thereabouts current.Smile


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That is so sad. I hope the new U4 flux bins will be more promising. Sad

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ohh bad news Sad

My stock of old XML2 it’s finished… and because these comments do not buy yet!
I think I should buy XP-L instead of XML2 for my next mods :~

Sorry for my bad English…

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Is the XP-L more robust than the XM-L2? I thought they were the same die :quest:

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Try a Burn-in at 4amps for 24 hrs. Seems to help.