Anyone have any of these Nite Ize 3-In-1 flashlights?

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Anyone have any of these Nite Ize 3-In-1 flashlights?

I came across these three Nite Ize 3-in-1 flashlight on battery junction. All three lights have a flashlight and lantern mode on the head end. The regular and mini flashlights have a red LED on the tail end. The Flashstick has a glowstick wand on the tail end instead of the red LED. I’ve always wondered if a flashlight manufacturer would design a flashlight that was “reversible”, where the tail end also has a light, and these are it.

Nite Ize 3-In-1 Flashlight 3xAA, 250/25 lumens
Nite Ize 3-In-1 Mini Flashlight 1xAA, 80/15 lumens
Nite Ize 3-In-1 FlashStick 1xAA, 60/8 lumens

They’re not exactly powerhouses, but they look like nice multi-functional budget flashlights. The 1xAA flashlights seem safe enough to give to kids who want a real looking flashlight just like their parents’ flashlights, but without the dangers of the eyeball frying 1000+ lumen mode.

I’ve already seen some youtube videos which answered a couple of my questions, but I still have more questions. Does anyone have any of these? Do you like it? What’s the tint like? Is the glowstick wand removable? Is the low mode’s PWM slow enough to be annoying? Any clues as to why the Flashstick has lower lumens than the Mini Flashlight? Any gotchas about them that could prevent me from ordering them?

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I wouldn’t buy one, better options for the same money.

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I haven’t handled one,
but looking at those buttons makes me think that if you put in your jean pocket and draw it too quickly, they will rip off. So that leads me to think, not good for kids. OR at least my kids. They will pick, pull or tear those buttons off.

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My wife bought one of the minis.
When pulled out of her purse or pocket it was either on, dim or dead.
Those buttons are prone to accidental activation. So bad in fact she ditched it. It leads me to believe the development team was nonexistent or only tested while siting on their lab stool.
NiteIze makes some cool things but not these.