Review: 4 way 16340 Test

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Liber8 wrote:
One year later and Solarforce is still selling these. Measured 611mah and 624mah at about 0.2A
So not as good as previous tests it seems.

Overall they seem kind of cheap (the wrap job, the seams)

Glad most lights dont use this size anymore

Well Solarforce is still selling the white label 16340s but seems to be out of the later version green & white label 16340s that are actually 17350s. I just ran capacity tests on both and the green & white label came out 100mAh larger at 727 vs the white label at 625mAh. I wish I had more of these 17350s. Solarforce seems to be transitioning out of the P60 flashlight business.

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I must have missed that the previous tests were on the green and whites. Still, the white labels are probably better capacity than most others of this size. No biggy since i only have one light that uses these and its not even here yet.