WTB: 50W or greater HID flashlight (possible trade)

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WTB: 50W or greater HID flashlight (possible trade)

I'm looking for a lightly used HID flashlight in the 55W to 75W range. Considering these things don't have near the life of an LED light, I need for it to have been used very sparingly. Otherwise, the price must be significantly discounted. This will be for my dad, who will be swapping out a lightly used DRY 3*XML. There's a possible trade option if interested. It's always sat in one spot and only gets used once each night for less than 10 seconds. 


He loves the output of the DRY but just isn't a fan of charging the batteries and monitoring their voltage. He's already familiar with HID so I've decided to just give in and get one of those back in his hands. But this time I want to get him something more powerful than he's ever used. His last HID spotlight was 35W. The flashlight should actually serve him better because of the smaller reflector, which will give him the little bit of flood he wants. Also, the more compact form factor is a major plus. 


So, anyone interested in parting with an HID flashlight they have no use for? Smile (Unfortunately, this might be limited to USA residents only because of the size and weight).

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