parts for Romisen flashlights

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parts for Romisen flashlights

I am interested in getting a pair of Romisen flashlights for my bike- RC-C8 and RC-2R4, so I have one floody light and one thrower. No one seems to know what kind of drop-ins go in these lights though, in case I want to upgrade or experiment with different emitters. The guys at Shining Beam can't tell me either. Anyone know?

I am also considering Ultrafire 501B, Ultrafire C1, Solarforce L2, and Trustfire TR-801 as alternatives.

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it does not use standard p60 dropins. Mine was a Q3 and pretty decent at stock form LT. It is however not hard to change the emitter. It uses 20mm stars.

A good Q5/R2 is probably the best upgrade you can do if you recieve a poor q3. The thermals are not very good to try a XM-L and there is a chance to be annoyed with a suitable driver.

R5 might be just a tiny bit usefull for flood althrough much of the light would not reachy the lens, same for XM-L. Throw would be affected greatly and it is generally unreccomended.

Ultrafire 501B:

The most tiny of the p60 hosts, i would not reccomend it for hotter or hard driven leds.

Ultrafire C1:

no clue

Solarforce L2:

A R5 dropin is generally what i use for biking. Usable spill and not so tight hotspot. About perfect.

Trustfire TR-801:

This is by design a not so good thrower. Lots of spill and not tight hotspot. Usually runs a q5 emitter with cold tint. It might be what you want but i not use it for biking because the L2 is alot better heatsinked feels better and i love what r5 beam at stock looks like. This one at 1A gets scorching hot on desk around 15min or more but might work just fine on a bike.


Many use a headlight and a bar mounted light. I'm pretty satisfied with an R5 in a p60 host alone. Your mileage may vary...

If youre doing night downhill you might completely reconsider your choices. 2 XM-L lights in p60 hosts seems to be the correct approach... beware the short runtime tho...

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Welcome to BLF Mack_Turtle!  Budgeteer gave you some pretty good advice. Solarforce still has the sale going on, so it might be worth looking at those.  Very interchangeable and well made.  Here's the thread that talked about it.