Good AA battery charger advice

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Good AA battery charger advice

I'm looking for a four bay (at least), AA FAST battery charger that has individual circuits, so that I can charge individual cells.  Something that analyses or conditions too would be nice although not critical.

I would love to own a MAHA 9000 but don't have the $'s.

I have tried a couple of cheap DX chargers but they ended up blowing up soon after purchase.

Any advice would be appreciated.



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The Vanson BC-1HU is the only charger I'd recommend from Vanson (There is also a BC-2 which ought to be OK) - it should be available for less than $20. It is rebadged by lots of sellers and has a very distinctive shape so is easy to spot. Max charge rate is 700mA though. Sanyo say that Eneloops should not be charged at more than 950mA, and in general I prefer to keep AA charge rates to an amp or less.

TheLaCrosse BC-700, 900, 9009 might be worth a look. They cost quite a bit less than the Maha. I think they have now sorted the melting issues.

Completely avoid the 15 and 30-minute chargers, they are also a quick way of destroying cells, with a 15 minute charger you might get 60 charges out of a set of cells before they are reduced to uselessness.


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