Looking for a very good AA - AAA charger

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Looking for a very good AA - AAA charger

And i found this site's winners..


anyone ever heard of these chargers? i thought i had a good one, because it has a chip that detects the batteries charge until i realised that charging batteries in half an hours isn't so very great :d



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Avoid the I-C3 batteries and chargers. That sort of charging destroys cells in about 50 charges. You can get 2300 claimed mAh LSD cells branded by Camelion - judging by how good their "2100mAh" ones are the claim may even be honest. But it'll be years till I have to find out with any luck. The LaCrosse charger they talk about is notorious for melting itself (and occasionally destroying cells) though this may now have been fixed.


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I've was looking at the same thing last night.  What Don was saying about the LaCrosse is correct.  Turns out they acknowledged this and fixed it with a firmware update and is now known as the LaCrosse BC-9009. I would go with the MaHa, except I don't particularly like pushing so many buttons just to get it to do what I want. 

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Its not so bad = Powerex = I like mine , sure does show how disappointing some battery capacity can be ... 

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Maha MH-C9000 is the only way to go......imo. :bigsmile:

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The La Crosse BC-700, I search the article http://www.alvinpoh.com/the-best-aaaaa-battery-charger-the-la-crosse-bc-700-review/ maybe it will help you