Non-budget UltraFire RL-3328 SST-90

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Non-budget UltraFire RL-3328 SST-90

At Manafont: (Out of stock at Shenzhen Wholesale).

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Looks interesting and comes with 2 x 32600's & charger. Thats worth $50 right there (if any good). I suspect the button on the back is not a clicky but just a push button, like the TH-1300L. In other words, its a huge "twisty". For that price, I'll stick with Lambda's custom flashlights.

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I do like the mode selection ring. Give me one of those on a $20 1xAA flashlight and I'm in! Wink One can always hope...

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sb56637 wrote:

One can always hope...


Indeed. Smile

I'm not too crazy about SST-90 based flashlights so I'll be skipping this one but I would happily pay a pretty penny to have this flashlight (or one with the selector ring and the same, tailstandable tailcap) with a different and cheaper emitter in a configuration that takes one or two 18650s. And while I'm dreaming... how about a momentary-on pressure switch and skip the charger, please. Wink