Great Experience with Hi-etech on Ebay

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Great Experience with Hi-etech on Ebay

I feel it is as important to share a good experience with the group as a bad one.
This is the good kind.

I bought these Tangsfire 26650’s to go with my Ultrafire HD2010;

I received them within a week and got the Flashlight the next day from Tmart.
One of the cells showed voltage, but would not charge or work in the light. Other cell worked great.
I emailed them and they responded the same day and said they would email me a Pre-Paid pickup label to return the bad cell.
Next day I got the label, used the same bubble envelope and sent it back.

Today I received not one but 2 new 26650 cells and am happy to report that they are both fine.
I can’t tell you how pleased this makes me that a company “Gets it” and stands behind a product that they don’t make, they just sell it.
Even if there wasn’t any extra battery in the deal I would be pleased as punch, the extra one just adds icing on the cake.

I don’t have any fancy equipment to tell disharge rates, capacity, etc. buy I do know a good cell when I use one just my measuring voltage drops, etc. and these Tangsfire batteries seem to be an excellent value.
Someone else on the board said they had good luck with them, that’s why I got them.

I believe this dealer is affiliated or owned by Tmart as they are shipped from the same location in NJ and they send along a Tmart flyer with the orders.

Anyway, if you live in the states these guys ship fast and can be trusted.

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