Ordered WF980 from tmart and got a UF980l

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Ordered WF980 from tmart and got a UF980l
Just a heads up for everyone! I ordered this http://www.tmart.com/WF980L-CREE-XMLT6-LED-6W-1000-Lumen-5-Modes-Flashlight-Black-118650_p148187.html for 21 bucks from Tmart the other day. When I opened the box I found a UF980L! It looks identical in every way to the one FOY reviewed. The only difference that I can see is that the driver is green and it only pulls 2.7 amps on high with a fresh battery. The Orings are all proper sizes, and the threads and machining look better than the one in the review. I do not know if everyone will get the same light, but It might be worth taking the chance.
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Nice light you were hoping on getting. I’ve had those 980L knock-offs. One died and the other just didn’t pull very well. I’d want what I ordered. Make some waves and maybe you’ll end up with both!