Looking for a keychain AA/14500 light

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Looking for a keychain AA/14500 light

I already own a ITP A3 EOS which is my EDC light but am after an AA keychain light with more lumens out the front which can accept 14500 cells for extra grunt. Some say AA is too big for keychain but I would like to give it a try.

What do you suggest I buy?

Many thanks

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A2 EOS 8)

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If you don't mind single mode the Tank007 E07 would also fit your requirements.

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jekostas wrote:

If you don't mind single mode the Tank007 E07 would also fit your requirements.

+1  excellent light, very well built and small for a single AA flashlight. 


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Itp A2. 

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Tank007 E07 here http://www.dealextreme.com/p/tank007-e07-ha-iii-osram-120-lumen-led-flashlight-1-aa-24125

should be good for will be ok for short time under water and with twist switch type. and quite nice size. 120 lumens as claimed.1.41oz

Tank007 HM-01 here http://www.tmart.com/TANK007-90-Lumens-HM01-LED-Flashlight-with-Strap-Red_p112838.html

Featured for waterproof and superb design in red(what impress me) 0.95oz and 14%off now.but 90 lumens

and if something like what you think the size issue could be ignore(2.29oz), and check TANK007-M20,because you want it to be more lumens. LOL




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