Any good site for buying?

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Any good site for buying?

Other than DX, KD, Lightmalls. Is there other sites for buying flashlight? Free shipping and fast delivery time priority.
Can anyone introduce me more sites??? Thanks.

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Fasttech is great and ships very fast. 

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FastTech and intl-outdoor

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ChiggerPepi wrote:
FastTech and intl-outdoor

A big +1 for these two.


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Manafont has been great lately. They seem to ship faster and lights aee coming well packed. Bought a few lights from Tmart with good prices. All came up fast and well lubed.

I used to be a DinoDirect person at those high discount times but you should beware of the ultra inflated prices otherwise.

FastTech is my favorite now. Fast and mostly the best prices. Not the greatest inventory for lights but improving every day. Best part is their customer service seems to be the best out of online shops. Batteries have spectacular prices too.

Oh and there is you can buy quality lights from. They also have an eBay store that you can make offers too. They aren’t the cheapest though but you may find CPF discounts on some new lights.

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I have had good experience with too, they have reasonable prices, and shipping speed is very quick imo, i got a light from them HK-LA in about 7 working days

and sometimes amazon has good deals too, but very limited selection, but they have a very strong customer service/return policy there. also, no bad experiences dealing with 3rd party sellers on amazon yet, got my 502 thru amazon.

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allan d wrote:
ChiggerPepi wrote:
FastTech and intl-outdoor

A big +1 for these two.

Absolutely. Add my ‘up-vote’ for these two. They might not always be the cheapest, but they provide superior products and services.

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Also besides Lightmalls, FastTech, IinTD, KD, DX, you can buy from Keygos direct at, There is Dinodirect, Focalprice, gadgettown, goldengadgets, wallbuys, for lasers:,,


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Location: Southeast, PA has been really good about shipping within 2 days of ordering.

FastTech has set the Bar to a new high for overseas flashlight vendor of the year. They “GET IT” when it comes to giving the customer what they want and making good on any mistakes or hiccups in the process.

From ebay, I have had good luck with easebon, good prices and good product shipped fast.


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**Illumination Supply

See the dealers reviews as linked above.
Some are good some not so much. You will usually notice by the look of their site, quality of navigation and descriptions. Also how fast are their responses to your questions or if you want more description of a product.

FastTech rocks. Hopefully they will keep such a good service even if they grow big.

And you can always get stuff of eBay as well and it gives you a buyers protection. eBay can be cheaper sometimes if you want some small stuff especially. Like magnets, ICs, even some flashlights.

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buychina is a Taobao agent from China. You might find your suitable flashlight there.

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It is always useful to have a thread, every so often, to summarize all the good sites for buying. Smile

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I’m ordering a bunch of stuff at FastTech, and looking to also buy a ML-102 charger (I really like the idea of being able to charge my cellphone from a 18650 cell in a pinch), but they are sold out there, as well as at anywhere I’ve ever heard of…

That said, it is available at a site called, but I can’t find any feedback about that site anywhere… Has anyone here had any experience with them before I give them my credit card information?


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Can you not use paypal.if not i always use a prepay card when ordering online,that way even if its compromised they cant spend if its empty…

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Just to follow up — I noticed that their photos were all watermarked by Int’l Outdoor Store, and so wondered if “beidououtdoor” was some sort of spinoff.

I sent a note to Customer Support at to ask them about it, and they replied right away saying that they have nothing to do with beidououtdoor, and warned me that “it could be a cheating site”.

The issue seems to be moot, as the site is now down…