Need 2 prototype Video Dive Lights made.

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Need 2 prototype Video Dive Lights made.

I am going to Mexico in mid March and I need to test the beam, the run time and output of the following dive light.

Waterproof and Reliable!!!!!!!
Host… The smaller the better as this will end up being in a small light, but it could be a 1C Mag or any other light as long as it meets the following requirements.
This project is for a mule, no optics or reflector.
The XM-L2 U2 has to be very close to the glass so it can have the widest beam possible without rings around it.
One XM-L2 U2 @ 5000K per light putting out max the battery can handle for 1 1/2 hours. My battery is tested at 4300 mAh
Runs a single 26650 battery.
Able to go down to 200’ with out the switch malfunctioning or leaking.
As for the driver, Regulated, reverse polarity protection with 2 modes, at 3 amp? Always start up at 100% next mode at 60% or 65%?? I hear there is not much difference between 100% and 75% and the run time would almost be the same.

This is a prototype to record the beam, output and run time so I don’t care which host you choose.

Let me know what you think