Nanjg 2800 driver spring mod..

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Nanjg 2800 driver spring mod..

Hey guys..when I was waiting for my driver the only way to make the positive contact to the battery was through a copper wire..I tried it and it wasn't really to my liking as if there is any play in the battery tube it would change I came up with another way of modding the pos contact spring with another spring..


here is what I had..just a 14 awg wire soldered into place...

now I usually use a copper or brass spring, but I didn't have I used a contact srping from an old remote control..what you want to do is squash the end with pliers to form a smaller loop..just about the size of the stock contact spring on the nanjg driver..

when it is the right size it will compress fit over the stock nanjg spring and allow for is the final product..

you can see the new spring sits above all the driver cicuitry to prevent a short..

hope this helps someone..