My first 18650 flashlight

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My first 18650 flashlight

It was in the mailbox yesterday, an Ultrafire 501B with an XM-L emitter. It came with the Ultrafire charger and two 2400 Ultrafire 18650 batteries. Looks like an OK light, not heavy-duty, but had lube on the threads and everything worked alright right out of the box.


Two quick NooB questions;

1) There was some charge on the batteries when I got them, but I plugged them both into the charger right away.  How long do you typically have to charge them?


2) Will the XM-L unit and the 18650 batteries that came with this light work with the Solarforce L2 body that also came in the mail this week? Seems like a heavier body, but I do have a manafont XM-L drop-in coming in the next week or two that I could put in either.


I got the Ultrafire light with batteries off of eBay, I was surprised to see that it got here from Hong Kong in 9 days from the day I ordered it.


Any other tips on these lights would be appreciated, thanks




Rats, finally sold my 2010 509hp I can buy more lights!

Sold the red one too! Now guess what I drive, doing my penance for 500 hp commuters...

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It usually takes a couple of hours to fully charge an 18650 because the charging current tapers off as it approaches full. If you're in a hurry you can stop it early. Usually you drop from 4.2V to 4.1V pretty quickly when running the light, so if you only charge to 4.1V you aren't losing much.

The XM-L drop-in will work just fine in the Solarforce. That's the great thing about the P60 system. And the batteries will be fine as well. Try not to let them charge down below 3.6V and the batteries will last longer (charging only to 4.1V helps too).

Congratulation on the new light and getting it so quickly!

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Wrap the pills in foil , so they will transfer heat better into the body ..

The 501 is a light body , perhaps best to stick to low and medium for any extended runs ...

Batteries ? Charger ?  Depends on battery capacity , charge rates , etc 

But expect 2.5 + hours to fully charge depleted cells , sometimes mine go 4 hours [ depending on how discharged the cell was + what charger I use ] 

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